Monday, May 27, 2013

Olivia, 1997-2013

One week ago we took our Olivia to the vet & she made her way to the rainbow bridge, this last week has been harder then I thought in some ways but in others not so hard knowing shes not suffering anymore, not a day goes by that we dont' miss her and love her, wishing she was still here, but til our time comes & we all meet her at the pearly gates, we will hold her memories and photo's close to us & remember the amazing times with her when she was with us, just knowing the hurt will pass we will be able to get past the pain but never forget what a amazing favorite orange ball of furry fun she was. Always running up and down the halls calling out to us, sleeping in odd positions and areas of the home and even in our arms, she was a crazy cat but we always loved her and still love her no matter what.

The other kitties been having a hard time, our boy kitty the most since they shared the spare room and soft food together. But the others are slowly coming around even tho they spend a lot of days crying out looking for her which makes me sad, I wish they understood what I try to tell them.

Olivia is off playing with JR in the grass chasing birds and mice and having fun... but they don't understand that, hope as time goes by it will get easier for all of us, know we love you kitty girl Olivia and some day we will see you again We will miss you and keep loving you as time goes by til we see you again you and JR have fun

Below I got a pet in WoW ... orange tabby, named her Olivia 

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