Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Updates!

Life is pretty good, things have been pretty busy
Hubby & I are now turning our one room Bruce was staying in into a theater/library for our comics and movies, now that hes gone we got the room to finally do so ^_^
Plus this will free a room upstairs for the kiddo(s)
We are just waiting on birth parents to pick our profile which is kinda annoying waiting
Tho I started a part time job last month doing some doughnut baking/decorating at a local grocery store, just part time, to pay for my car, we decided getting a second car was important with kids on the way, since that way I have a way to get around if need be, plus my car has 146K miles on it and our other car has 177K ... they are still running wonderfully BUT always better to be prepared (knock on wood) they continue running well, ive seen our make of cars last up to another 100K +
But once I get my car paid off i can come back home full time which I am looking forward too
I was home the last 5 years and loved every moment of it and hubby did also since only thing he had to worry about was cat litter and now that Bruce is gone and im working part time hes gotta help out a bit around the house, he don't like it to much :P
God has put many blessings in our path and pray he continue, he is so amazing!
Well off to finish some dinner and get back to watching movies for us
Hubby is amazing also <3 br="">

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