Saturday, April 15, 2017

My gains, My losses, My Determination !

Hey there everyone!

I know Ive wrote this before but I am writing it again, not just for me but for those friends that been asking me my journey, my story, what got me on track.

It's not easy, but Imma keep pushin!

Here is a bit about me and my story with my weight gain/loss/gain then loss again!

May of 2015 i started getting back on track with my workouts.

I did the first 15 months at home and lost 115lbs joined Planet Fitness in August 2016 and gained 40lbs back due to muscle gain, then pleateu'd due to trainers telling me i wasn't eating enough to eat more..... But I am still plowing though!

Measurements 2 days ago when I checked!

Hips starting over 100 inches, now 49.5!
Waist starting over 80 inches today 43.5!
Arms starting 28inches, today 16 inches (unflexed)!
Thighs starting over 40 inches around, today 24 inches!

I am hoping to lose my last 100lbs i gained from when I quit smoking this year and be at my goal to cosplay She-Hulk at comicon in 2018!

Here is more of my story to understand my history/experience a bit!

I used to be 135 when i graduated high school back in 2000, but I will tell you something that may or may not make sense to some of you.

I was always fit in shape and doing sports and track in high school I got made fun of cause i was such a tomboy, I benched my weight (90lbs to start and as I gained more muscle i lifted heavier, top weight 135 both lifting and weighing) and did 600+lbs on my legs, I was strong and bigger then the girls in my classes.

They used to ask the teachers if i was on the wrong side of the class and if I should be with the guys. They used to say I looked more like a boy then a girl.... when I graduated I looked a bit smaller then Dana Brooke from WWE.

I used to get made fun of and told that no guy would want me cause i looked like a man or that unless i was skinny or fat no guy would have any interest.

When I graduated I was in a home for girls, even then the girls there made fun of me and one time we went for makeovers for a girls night out, when they came to find me they kept walking right by me til I turned around when they said "Here is Tina!" One girl busted out with "Omg, Tina looks like a girl!!" It was very hurtful.

From that day on I quit smoking and turned to food, Turned off one bad habit to another. Once I started gaining the weight the guys started to flock around me. I thought I was doing something right....

......which wasn't true.

I mean i worked at a coffee shop which was a bad start to it all, would eat a dozen or more donuts a day AND didn't help I ate out often. I dated a guy that we would spend $300 or more a month on food but never eat at home. It was a bad rut I was in, didn't think anything of it. Thought about it some after we split up but ended up going into a I don't care phase.

I met my hubby though a friend we both knew online, (I grew up in Canada i live in the USA with him now as most of you have heard a billion times) the US is so much diff then back home!!
My hubby told me when I was in shape guys where most likely scared to ask me out because I was so beautiful. He told me that I am beautiful even now but when I get back in shape it will show along with my confidence.

Him and I been married since 2005, we got married on Valentines day.

Its been a rough road from trying to get down from 335ish (my top weight) to where I am now, up and down over the years, I even dropped half a person at one point (156lb loss), but because of all the making fun of over the years I got scared and put the weight back on...

This time i wont let it!!

Im determined to get my weight off for good this time!

Also Cause I wanna cosplay She-Hulk at comicon next year cause one of my friends said she would cosplay Hellcat since She-Hulk and Hellcat are best buddies!

I wrote myself a list pros and cons of getting healthy, made sure I was super mean to myself at the sametime, i had to give myself tough love!

- Living a long time to spend with my hubby/family/friends
- Being able to do things (run/walk/lift etc) and not be outta breath
- Enjoy more of what life has to offer

to name a few things, the cons always out weigh'd the bad

- Dying early
- Leaving my family/hubby/friends behind
- Being so overweight when i do pass on they casket will cost more being more heavy then my poor family having to carry my body being so heavy someone may hurt themselves
- Having my hubby wait on me hand and foot cause id be so overweight i can't do things for myself (bathe, cook, clean etc)
- Health insurance costing more
- Not getting a lot with life insurance

to name a few other things, it keeps me motivated to get my ass in check even more!

It's just not workouts its your Diet too :)

Here is some tips that may help ya cause it did help me :D

Make sure your eating enough calories (woman 1200 or more a day no less) reason no less your body will go into starvation mode and store everything and turn it back into weight/fat.
Carbs make sure low carb, cut back on white starch foods (potatoes, pasta etc) go half on the servings or less. Add in healthy fats for snacks avocado, nuts etc. I eat 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, keeps the metabolism up.

Increase your protein 150g or more per day, eat a lot of veggies (green ones). Increase your fiber it helps keep everything moving. Drink 10+ glasses of water a day. Add spices to your food (talking hot spicy stuff) as well as green tea and lemons. They help burn fat =)

Switch up your workouts, instead of doing just cardio, toss in some weight training. Use a diff cardio machine instead of the same one you been using everyday. The smaller you get the harder it gets cause it takes 3500 BURNED calories to lose 1lb of fat. Make sure your not eating processed food and check your sodium intake too, should be no more then 2500mg a day. To much sodium can cause you to hold water = weight gain. So stay away from processed foods!

What ive learned in my up and down weight loss/gain over the years, i hope it helps. Also make sure your not eating back the calories you burned. Burned calories are just that, it takes 3500 of them to lose 1lb remember that so if your eating back your burned calories you wont see any results.
Hang in there you wanna do this, YOU CAN! YOU GOT THIS!

Stress can cause weight gain/plateau's too. One thing i learned and anyone will say this, toss the scale away, just go by your clothes or weighing once a month, stress = weight killer. Also be sure to get 6-8hrs of sleep a night cause that does help too!

I eat and do a lot of protein cause i workout 5 days a week but 3 of those days im training 2-3hrs with weights/core/cardio, 2 days im training 1-1.5 hrs with cardio/core

Good luck

What I do:
Sunday: Upper/core/cardio
Monday : Core/cardio
Tuesday : Conditioning/core/cardio
Wed: Core/cardio
Thurs: Lower/core/cardio

those 3 big days i workout 2-3hrs

those 2 cardio days i do 1 to 1.5hrs of training

I always take fri/sat off

Your body always needs a day of rest and a day between upper/lower etc to recover, you don't you will have higher risk of injury and your body wont recover properly, eat more protein too, it helps recovery

2 years next month since I got started back on track!!

Over 100lbs down too!

Gained 200lbs when i quit smoking getting it off for good this time!

I don't weigh myself often but last time i hopped on my scale it says im truckin 100lbs of muscle now on my total weight WOO!

It's not easy, im going the old fashioned route, clean diet and exercise, once in awhile a cheat meal but busting my ass.

I haven't had any surgery, I will be honest years and years back I did try diet pills but the weight came back twice as fast when I stopped taking them, cause it caused high blood pressure. Which I should be off those meds soon, I was desperate cause I had a 8 month plateau that was haunting me. But I learned my lesson on that!

No taking the easy way out!

But lets get it done!

Thanks to all those family friends and even hubby for being my cheerleaders i couldn't have gotten this far without you all, thank you!

I look up to a lot of the ladies from WWE for inspiration these ladies are amazing, keep doing what you do!

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