Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Food Poisioning Sucks!

Well Saturday Night I ordered Pizza Hut wing street wings.
I usually order them, I get the spicy asian or sometimes the honey BBQ, or sometimes just plain, but the other nite I was watching TV and the garlic cheese one looked yummy.
They where okay.. was not so crazy about them
I went to bed after playing some City of heroes with some friends, I then woke up around 6am.. Burped a few times and laid back down, didn't think anything of it until I ran to the bathroom and got really sick :(
Hubby came home and usually he goes into the bedroom and pokes at me and says good morning but this time he got confused and started looking for me.
I got sick so much the back of my throat started bleeding
It was gross :(

It finally stopped and I laid down and fell asleep for another few hrs, I then tried to get up and call my boss to explain the situation, I felt bad enough as it was cause I was sick and I knew we had a huge floorset, I still feel bad but I know these things happen its just well.. you know...
Anyways I couldn't even keep my eyes open for a moment to call her so hubby did for me, he said she didn't sound to happy but there is nothing you can do when ur sick.
I then dozed back off for a few more hrs, woke up and ate some crackers and got some pepto.
Fell back asleep for another 8hrs....
Yeah so overall in about a almost 60 hour period I slept think it was just over 40 hours...
Thats a very long time and you know I am still tried >_<

Today my boss calls, I know shes wanting me to come into work but my stomach is still trying to recover over this, I still feel pretty bad and I feel upset cause they where there late on Sunday but you know people do get sick, and everyone keeps telling me that, I had no control that these things do happen to don't let my boss get to me, just feel better and thats what I am trying to do but It's hard when I got my boss saying I hurt my shoulder Sunday night and we where all here pretty late... and I was here from 5am Sunday morning (okay thing is the store don't open until noon) anyways ya lay a freaken guilt trip! This is why I quit my other jobs... I HATE places that do this!

Then she says I need a doctors note...
I havn't been to the doctors since I moved to the states for a total pysical almost 3 years ago... um so yeah...
Plus I am off today, and yesterday, and tomarrow >_<
I only missed ONE day of work.... ONE!
Usually you need a doctors note after 2...

Yeah lets go to a doctor and say, " I got food poisoning and I missed work Sunday and I was feeling pretty bad Monday and part of Tuesday and I am feeling okay now, thing is today and yesterday and tomorrow are my days off work but my boss wants a doctors note "

The doctor is gonna turn around and go... " I am sorry but if you where sick why didn't you come in "

Me: " I never go to the docs unless I really really have too and this is something that can get over pretty easy without one "

Doctor " Okay, well thing is your not sick now so... and your on your days off we can't issue one, your boss is blowing smoke "


Retards, I am so mad right now it's killing my stomach more, no clinic in there right mind wont give a doctors note unless they treat you in my case I am getting better so they are just gonna laugh at me :(

Anyways I am going to go back to trying to eat something and get better, stupid work.

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