Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bad Blogger!

Well it's now Nov 27th, my fathers birthday, here is a Happy Birthday to you.

I have not posted in a bit, I know I get pretty bad for that sometimes.
This past week was thanksgiving then black friday and since I am in retail and I had to work all weekend up until Sunday evening at 8pm it was hell in a hand bag! >_<>_<

I did finish my Christmas shopping though, finally got my articles done for the scoop for City Of Heroes. Today went and got my Sassy Strawberry from work and hubby and I finally got new wedding rings and got a discount from the man that sells them since I work close by.

Nothing else is really new and exciting just crazy work due to the holidays, I hadn't jumped in City Of Heroes since last wed, but I finally did for a hour last night instead of D&D since i was so tired...

But ya, fun fun eh ?

Anyways I am gonna go finish talking to my best friend Amanda and Richard on and off and just relax.....