Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storms, SUCK!

I know, bad blogger AGAIN!

Work is taking most of my time and when I do get time to do anything I play City of Heroes to relax and try and avoid the stress of people complaining about my house, cleaning wise etc.
I do need some extra help cause on my days off i wanna relax dang it!
I don't wanna be cleaning and cooking and UGH, drives me nuts!

We just got hit with a ice storm, god it sucks, power went out about 9 or 9:30pm. We finally got power back about 3am I think it was.
It was freezing!
I watched my hubby and our friend play car wars.
D&D was called off tonite cause of the weather.
Which was fine with me since I still had to do floor set stuff for work and my article for the city scoop, well the freaking weather put a stop to that!
But I finally took a nap, dunno for how long but eh..
I was to cold to sleep, dropped to the 50s in here.
I finally woke up and we all played Rummy.
Then the power came back and here I am :)


Last Friday the 7Th was my birthday, I had alot of FUN!

Hubby got me Flowers:
I bought me some new shoes for work and running shoes:
Then of course since I gotta look good for work, got some cheep jewelery:
Then a lady at work got me: A kitty mouse pad
Then I got some goodies from work :)

All and all great time
That's it for now!
Don't want the power to kill out and i haven't posted this yet!


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