Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bad Blogger, Once Again!

I know I know, Bad bad bad.
Thing is the past 2 months with work has been hell!
Yes I said it!
H-E- Double hockey stick!
Thing is work wont slow down till prolly feb earily March at the latest.
It totally BITES!

Today was the start of the huge semi sale.
For the last few months we been dealing with Christmas
I am so ready to say, screw it all cause I been so freakin tired.
I been pullin full weeks here, sure its only anywhere from 35-40hrs a week but working 5-7 days a week to get that time is killer!

I am so tired!
Last night we where there until 1am setting up for this stupid sale!
I can't even feel my feet, i think my brain leak'd outta my head like a month ago.
My housework hasn't been touched because I been so tired.
Don't help matters when no one does shit to help.

Top things off the littlest of thing drive me crazy and piss me off to no end. I been snapping easy .. for example when my husband ask'd me a question the other day I was zoned off cause i was tired, he said, "hun you hear me?" I go " Huh? wha? " he ask'd me again and I didn't know the answer to it so I totally spazzed out and what "what the fuck ya want?" and at the time I was stressed cause work called me on my ONLY day off to tell me about some stupid floorset up that was to be done that no one knew about! >_< Ya way to fucking go stress me out when I can do NOTHING about it cause I am at home! Riiiiiiiiiiiiight!

To top things off sure hubbys dad lives here, i don't mind sometimes... but I do miss running around in just a t-shirt when I feel like it, I can't stand the mess thats left in the kitchen or in the house for that matter when NO ONE takes the oppertunity to help, or when I am going to get the snow off the car for hubby b4 he goes to work or get hubbys coffee made or make him food I WANT TO DO IT DAMN IT! pisses me off to no end! MY JOB! I try my best even when I am tired! dang I miss being at home! >:(

anyways I just needed to rant, now i think i need sleep


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