Sunday, December 30, 2007

RIP Grandpa ~ 4-7-1914 to 12-29-2007

I found out on Friday my grandpa had a mild heart attack and he also had pumonia and fluid on his lungs, they took a tube and tried to drain the fluid. My cuz Paul told me this on Friday night. He also said the docs said if he makes it though the first 24 - 48 hrs he will be alright, and he was opening his eyes when he left to come home.

I woke up to my father in law calling for me at 6am Saturday morning, my cuz Paul was on the phone and the first words to come from him where, "He's gone Tina, Grandpa's gone"

At first I was like Wa? In shock and just waking up not a good combo. He told me again and thats when I called out " Noooo " and started crying. My husband was on his way home from work at this point so I couldn't call him. So I sat and talked with Paul, we talked a bit about our childhood and how much fun we had with Grandpa. Memories we wont forget.

I sat around yesterday after I got off the phone with Paul, I jump'd in game for a bit on City Of Heroes. I had everyone chattin with me and did some teaming. To help me pass the time while I wait to find out the news of what's what tomarrow.

I am now gonna write a letter to my grandpa, things I have told him over the years but I wanted to write it again. I just feel like the need to get it out again.

Thanks to everyone that reads this, now I leave you with the letter.

Dear Grandpa,

I know over the years I have told you how much you mean to me. Yes you are my Grandfather but to me your more, your the father I have always wanted in life, I am proud your my grandfather but to me your also my father and for that I am even proud to call you dad. The years you raised me with grandma are ones I will never forget and the best years of my childhood. Grandma always tells me, " Your not only our grand-daughter but to us you are our daughter as well, and we will always love you. " I also remember when Little Paul and I used to play for hours in the yard and get dirty, the good old days when we caused so much trouble but you still loved us all the same.

As I will always love you Grandpa as I do Grandma too, you and grandma have always been the world to me and you still are, you both watched over me even when it was from a distance, and you still do. Even when I wasn't close by we always called one another day or night. I will always have great memories, I know we all will, ones that will never leave us. Your not gone Grandpa and your never gonna be forgotton, you are missed, but to me your still here, your the angel that stands behind me and will guide me the right direction, on where I need to go in life. As you will also be everyone else's angel too.

I will always love you Grandpa, you have been the best dad in the world, to me and to everyone, we will always love you.

Love always,
Your Grand-daughter & Daughter,


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