Saturday, May 31, 2008

When Awesome, Isn't Good Enough

Explain to me this....

Last September I get promoted to manager at my work, I get a weeks training on how to open and close the store, a quick walk though of payroll and ordering bags and supplies, because the lady that usually does it talks a mile a min and don't slow down even when you ask her too to explain then the store manager says Ill come in and show you but never does.

A month goes by and before you know it ... it's Christmas... my focus, selling and giving the customers the best deal possible and making sure you have what they need. Easy right? HAHAH! YEAH RIGHT! So I try my best, all I can do right?

So from September 2007 to Nov 1st, I are the top selling manager in the store, Nov it's another manager, December back to me, the last 12 days before Christmas there was a contest who can make plan for those days and who does gets a $25 gift card to Starbucks, bath and body works, Victoria secerts or the limited. I won 6 outta 12 days. Great job right? Damn right it was! I had over 150 bucks to spend of not my money :D

Jan hits my Grandfather passes away they get mad because I left, screw them. I am gone for 2 weeks outta the month and I still am the top manager, go figure :P Feb rolls around, myself again. March one other manager, April and may, your looking at her again, me. Great job right?

So here comes June tomorrow, my boss pulls me aside Thurs this last week and says, " Are you burned out ur performance isn't up to speed ? " how is my performance NOT up to speed when you guys been making plan for the last month or so because i been busting my ass!? LOL .... well she says you just don't have the oomph, OK one shes not there when i have my so called Oomph, but I guess the ordering and ya last floorset was a oops cause we couldn't find the white tops for the window display and left it for them cause we where not gonna call her house at 11 at night.

Okay my mistake, then she gets on me about my availability. she knew when I got promoted and she was fine with it that i had my permit and was practicing to drive, I didn't work Tues or wed cause those are the days I need to get things done when hubby's off... she had no prob with it and now because I req time off from 22-28 cause my friends are coming in from Utah "maybe" and the week I'm going back home to Canada to visit my grandmother who's still grieving over my grandfather, its a BIG problem for her.

But sure she can take her week off and so can the other manager, pfft yeah right.

so yeah everything I do isn't good enough, its not my fault that she didn't give me all the proper training she should of, so I have a thing for her, give me the proper training if you want to help me succeed at being a manager or I will step down but I need my hours each week and my pay or they can kiss there sales into the ground. Cause I wont stay at a place to sell my ass off so THEY can get all the credit and win there prizes.

Okay I'm ending rant mode, sry, comment if you like, thanks for reading :)

On a good note, I could get back into my art and working on the stuff i wanna get done around the house and maybe some more coh time and spending the time with hubby, getting into my walks every morning and doing what i need to do to feel better about myself too :)

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