Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updates & Things (short ver)

Well Let's see, It's been over a month and ALOT has happend...

First off, Work screwed me over, the last day I was to do manager was suppose to be my last... they ended up have me do it on the Sunday after I wasn't suppose to, but I am making sure they pay me for it, cause when I checked my pay stub.. they didn't and they are gonna!

/end rant

Lets see, Vacation was a blast I had so much fun going to see my grandma & the rest of the family. Good times. To bad it was so short

Um.. when I got back I pulled a no call no show at work, I just didn't wanna deal with there shit anymore...

Now I am just kick back with some R&R while I work on my cookbook, taking a break, okay well not totally a break, gotta get some more remodeling and cleaning done. Neut is comin to visit in Sept! I am soooooo excited!

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