Saturday, May 09, 2009


Current mood: fabulous
1 more week til hubby starts his new job! ♥ 100% medical + more pay! Also down 24lbs and 10inches in 7 weeks! ♥ Got the living room, bathroom and bedroom cleaned up, The kitchen half way! BBQ next weekend with hubby & another couple from the store he guards gonna be fun, new friends even more fun and they don't drink or smoke, sweet!! ♥ Now time to finish the prep for tomorrows BBQ @ mom's, im doin all the cooking ^_^ Busy busy busy but slow down time very soon and hubby and I are gonna cuddle up to a movie and relax! Everything on the house is coming together too, should have it on the market by next spring at the latest, might try for a house close to Mandy and Forrest or Mom dunno yet have to see where we can find a cheep house but either way we will be close to great awesome friends and family!!

okay need to take a chill pill im just so happy and excited, with hubbys new job all medical bills will be covered 100% one guy that works there told hubby when his wife had there daughter bill came back 0 and they cover all the kids you have too, told hubby maybe we will have more then 4 kids! heheh and hes fine with it!

Big family here we come!

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