Friday, April 24, 2009

Okay - Updates of Life!

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Things have been changin here for the better and steppin up the in world so to speak in more ways then one which is a good thing!

Hubby and I been doing uber awesome, hes been smoke free coming up on a year soon and doing amazing! He knows when to say NO when ppl offer him smokes but no one has in so long because everyone knows hes done with them!

Hubbys job been doing great! But thing is.... hes got a million times better one that he starts in MAY! 100% medical and pays ALOT more, we be steppin up! He even has a chance of getting 4 days a week 10 hr days, his dad goes GOOD now you can help us with the home reno's and cleaning the other 3 days! Hubby agrees!! *SHOCK!* He's tired of getting things he wants and has no where to put it so very soon its going to be HOUSE HOUSE HOUSE RENOS! all the freaken time! We are getting close to being done with it though.

Bathroom - Done
Deck - Done
Landscaping - pretty much done
Piping - Done
Electric work - almost done
Living room - pretty much done cept one wall needs to be painted
Kitchen - next project
Basement - Project after kitchen
Bedrooms are pretty much done just need to fix the ceilings and put in new fixtures and take up the carpet in our room which wont take long

Then it will be time to SELL SELL SELL!
and get a bigger house :)
prolly by fall, we been looking at houses closer to many and forrest which would be awesome!

In other news with me....
uh ya so... this excerse thing after 8 months sure I lost 8 sizes but NO WEIGHT!
your thinking WTF right?
same thoughts I had...
My period (gfx here) 2-3 weeks long sometimes longer
odd huh?
Turns out my insulin levels where high but not high enough to be diabetic THX GOD!
Doc said I can reverse it with meds and diet and excersise...
Which i been doing for a month now
and you know what?
18lbs gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turns out my insulin was pouring gallions into my system instead of little bits like its suppose too to break down everything i eat.... mine was storing and not letting me lose
It was also prolly causing cysts on my ovary's and not giving my body the idea... had a period now its time to stop!
But these meds should be temp and things been going good, also back on birth control so i don't get prego in the meantime cause if i did... one miscarry after another
But once everything gets under control...
There is a high chance i can go off the meds and go about normal but stick to my 20 carb a day diet......

unlimited meat eggs and cheese
No milk - heavy cream instead
unlimited veggies but watching the carbs of them
coffee, tea, 0 carb crystal light, water
2 diet pops a day
thats it!

But hubby and I been spending the evenings curled up with netflix, game days on saturday with the guys, Friday on his only day off errands then us time

Til he starts his new job this been our life has been blessed and soon to be more blessed, only thing missing is kids really but one bump after another and im sure other things will come up but we been though so much as it is and we will continue to be by one anothers side, hes happy im happy and thats all that matters is just staying happy. Just continue taking one day at a time with one another by each other and enjoy it. Life is as good as you make it really we know our kids will come in time when we get over these bumps and im sure more bumps will follow but what we have is each other to help each other get though them.

I love you babe your everything to me and I dunno what id do without you, I know you tell me the same everyday and we are one anothers hearts always and forever <3

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