Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,

I wish I could be there, to say my good-bye's, words can't describe how I feel right now, tears and sadness that fills my heart, but at the same time the warm memories and happiness. But I know deep in my heart you understand and I understand you are where you wanted to be, with Grandpa.

Growing up the first six years of my life I will never forget, they where the best first six years of my life, you and Grandpa had taught me so many things how to share, how to love, grow and be happy and so much more. After I had left your home I knew I wasn't happy anymore I wanted to go back and be with you. But I knew in my heart things happened for a reason and God had a plan for me, you and Grandpa had taught me that.

Over the years that had passed even when we couldn't be together I knew you and Grandpa where always there for me, a phone call away, picking up a pen and paper and writing one another, or a car ride away. You both had always had been there for me no matter what, whenever I needed you and you needed me we knew how to find one another.

To this day, to me you are my parents the Mother and Father I have always dreamed about and wanted in life, reason I am proud to call you Mom and Dad as you both where always proud to call me your daughter, "The only daughter you had after five boys" you would tell me and everyone around us. But now I know you both are watching over our family, and me making sure I stay a good girl, as you would always say to me "Be a good girl Tina, stay out of trouble", I hope I can continue to make you both proud and stay out of trouble, be that good girl, and you know, I plan on it.

Just know Joel and I love and miss you both very much. You have both touched our hearts and will remain in our hearts, forever. Til the day we are all together again. We love you Mom and Dad. Thanks for everything you have taught me and always being there for me, I wouldn't be who I am today without your love and guidance.

Tina & Joel

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