Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rest In Peace Grandma - May 2nd 1916 - Aug 5th 2009

Words Can't describe how I feel right now only the tears that roll down my cheeks. Just after 2pm today I got the call, Grandma passed away =(

I am broken and shattered into a million pieces right now I feel part of me is empty as for the other feelings I just can't feel right now. Id call friends and family right now but the phone is broke.

I want to go out tonight and have a quiet dinner with hubby....

After Grandma broke her hip they put pins in but she wouldn't eat, they tired a feeding tube but all they got was blood, Grandma didn't want her hearing aid or glasses all she kept saying is she wanted to be with grandpa. Grandpa Passed away December 27Th 2007 @ the age of 93, Today August 5Th 2009 Grandma passed @ the age of 93.

It's been hard, I love and miss them both ... I am proud to call them Mom & Dad.

Til we all meet again

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