Monday, December 07, 2009

Ty For The Birthday Wishes!/Bloodwork Test Results!

This one comes from my friend John (aka BlackberryThorn in City of Heroes)- I nao 28 & Almost 50lbs lighter with around 50lbish to go!! Went from a 51 inch waist to now a 35... I smaller than Hubby?! Nao that's scary! =] -- Happy Birthday to John as well hes like my twin brother since we where born on the same day same year =P

Well as most of you know March 2009 I had a fasting test done, at the hour mark my level was at 219 ! ~ 1 point off of being Diabetic (Diabetic 220+ Normal 126 or less)

So yeah Diabetes does run in my family, and after I quit smoking 10 years ago I got lazy... BAD TINA! It's been in the males I thought I can't get it, I thought wrong or really close too. So here is to kicking it before it happens!

SO ....

Last Friday I went to get my results of my blood work I had another fasting test ANNNNNNNNND.......... my level at the hour mark today - 148 !!!




I go back in 3 months see how things are going, tomorrow I got into the OBGYN!

So here is to hoping for more good news like........

hey try & get preggers or something!

Hubby and I wanna start a family and have 4 or more kids :)

House is almost finished too, kitchen and basement still but master bedroom is done and we are moving back in there this week =]

I am truly blessed & today turning a year older as well!

I was bummed for a bit due to in the last 28 yrs of my life getting a phone call/card from Grandma & not getting one this year but I know she wouldn't want me to be sad.

I am almost almost down 50lbs since march another 50 to my goal, I got the biggest loser dvd the new one called : Last Chance Workout ~ ya it kicked my ass..... says I can lose 30lbs in 6 weeks I hope so cause that would mean 20-25lbs left to my goal!

Wish me luck!

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