Wednesday, February 10, 2010

5 Years ... Right Around The Corner!

So 5 years are almost here for Hubby & I being married, it's been a awesome 5 years. Sure we have had our moments but what couple doesn't? Only makes you stronger and I know it made us stronger & makes us look forward to another 50+ years together!

We been though a lot in the last 5 years, putting up with folks that think we are a lost cause, not going to make it past our first 2 years of marriage, people who think that we are trying to change one another. There are people who still think this I am sure. But those people just come off as jealous no good ____fill in your word here____! :) Among many other things!

Thing is hubby & I don't let these people get to us cause we are not here to please them or anything of that sort, cause it's US & ALL ABOUT US & NOT THEM! We could care less.... Also ONE we made it past our first 2 years of marriage & it's now 5 years later and you know what, many many more to come which we are looking forward too, cause we love one another to dang much! ~ TWO changing one another? nah, we made promises to one another to get rid of the bad habits we had/have cause things like those habits need to get a boot before kids come long, for example: We decided to challenge one another & have fun with it, Hubby quits smoking & I lose weight, we both started almost a year ago & doing very well, hubby hasn't had a smoke in ages, me as of today I lost 57lbs total since last year. Among little changes here and there but we are doing it FOR US! ~

Those people that think those things or had nerve to BLOG about this stuff etc etc, we don't like or think to highly of anymore, reason we don't have much or anything to do with them anymore. Which is fine cause they are childish __________FILL IN YOUR WORD HERE__________!

I asked hubby what he wanted for his anniversary gift, he said he dunno, myself I don't expect much if anything at all. I am not much of a needy person when it comes to gifts and such. If anything just the stuff I use like rolling pin, mixer, the stuff that is used most often. Now books, games, all that jazz I don't need much of really, just spending time together is more then enough and everyone knows we do a lot of that, exp since hes got 3 days off a week (which we are truly blessed!) and in between renovation work we spend a lot of time together cause it's what we most enjoy. Hubby said he was getting me a new digicam cause my other one broke, a new ring cause this one has gotten HUGE since I have lost so much weight, dinner out Monday since hes working the day of our anniversary which is fine by me, but he told me there is more but wont tell me what O_O!

All I know is I have the best hubby ever & I can't wait for more and more years to come cause there is going to be many of those :)

I love you honey!! xo xo

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