Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick Post !

Going off to play Aion til hubby gets home! ~ 2XP WEEKEND! ~ HAPPY VALENTINES EVERYONE !!

~ ^_^ ♥ ^_^ ~

Tomorrow Hubby & I will be married 5 years!! With many many more years to come, We told one another before we got married once and only once & the last 5 years we been though a lot & it made us stronger as each day goes by we get stronger, and you know. I am proud to be your wife babe! You make me very happy & proud. Okay okay I wont go into a big mush ball ........... okay maybe just a wee bit :P

~ ♥ This is to My best friend, my husband, my love & soul mate I love you, hehe, looking forward to many more years with you, your everything to me!! ♥ Also as of today down 59lbs! ~ Weigh'd myself today since a visitor will be here tomorrow & staying a week, ya so what TMI bite meh, I got dark chocolate & know how to use it! :P ~ ♥
~ Getting this quitting smoking weight off FOR GOOD! ~

Since Hubby's gotta work tomorrow but hes off Monday & Tuesday so we are going to celebrate then! ^_^


Mr Noire said...

Happy Anniversary, Hun!

Mistress Noire said...

Thanks Babe, Happy Anniversary to you too!! =D