Saturday, November 26, 2011

Blessed & Thankful

It's been awhile since I did any updates, so I thought I get one going! As well as what I am thankful for!

It's been just over a year since we been in our new house, we are both loving it very much, things between hubby & I also been wonderful. One thing we are both thankful for well 2!

In January of this year we where told we can start a family I lost over 100lbs & been going good and so has hubby, no luck yet but we are hoping very soon ! =)

Other then that we been having a ton of fun spending time together going to comic book shops, working on things around the house, watching a lot of movies, now that he went from 10 to 12hr days hes home a lot more which means more time together & more time with our close friends! Which is other things we are thankful for!

Couple weeks ago I had 2 ER visits first was for mother nature coming late by a week then having some issues thankfully it wasn't a miscarriage but my doc said could be my body just skipped a cycle that month and forced itself to have one which caused a lot of pain, but they ran biopsy's to be sure and they came back OK, the second one was for a double ear infection that was causing so much pain it was making the side of my face go numb. But thank the lord those things are all better now, another thankful thing! =)

My 30th birthday is coming up I already got my gifts from hubby (a dishwasher) and my mother in law (mug that reads "cat lover", baby book of 100,000 baby names, and a angel necklace with my birthstone) Which was very cool!

I am thankful and I know hubby is too, we talked about it the other day being thankful for one another and how amazing our life has been so far, and we can't wait for many more years to come on top of things, sure we have ups and downs but its usually over stupid little things, but we take the good with the bad and the bad with the good!

We where even talking about in our next life doing this all over again just making sure we live close by one another and not 1200 miles away from one another and in another country lol

I love my hubby with all my heart and so thankful & blessed to have him in my life, hes the most wonderful man ever and even when I say/do hurtful things I really don't mean it, I just hope he can continue to forgive me for my silliness and stubbornness, cause I sure know hes just the same, reason a lot of people and friends say

'My word you guys are so much a like it's crazy only thing that separates you two is your male/female difference'

Sorry but its true, but hey gets us knowing what one another is thinking so we don't have to say anything most times we just say, LETS GO! lol

I thank god everyday for giving me such a wonderful man and life and life with him I would be lost other wise. I believe he is my soul mate and one true love, and yes I believe in that kinda mushy stuff =P

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