Thursday, December 01, 2011

Passion is Gone!

Arg the passion is gone for my art


Done, gone, dusted, wasted....


My workouts....

I just wanna get back on track, want someone to walk/workout with something, but not feeling it.... if I had a buddy I would, wish hubby would join me, maybe him losing a little would help us & our activity/energy level to get outta the house and do stuff on his day off and go for walks or something

Another thing that's getting me down as of late, im happy for my friends don't get me wrong but almost another dozen of my friends have popped up preggers, which been trying almost a year now and I am getting so frustrated, I do love my life the way it is being able to hang out with hubby do what we do together and with our friends, I know stress isn't good when it comes to trying but sometimes I can't help it, I been waiting SO LONG for this moment and it seems like its taking FOREVER

I hoping this is just a phase for everything =/

On another note just got done getting Hubby's Christmas gifts, hope he likes them

One of my artz I made for hubby & I's comic book shop, he loves it & is gonna hang it in the store =)

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