Monday, December 12, 2011

My 30th Birthday Weekend!

Well hubby had to work on the 7th which was my birthday which was fine cause I knew we would be celebrating on this weekend =)

Friday started with Hubby & I's night to celebrate he made me a Steak dinner with Cauliflower & Cheese & mashed taters with cheesecake for dessert & some of my fav Canadian beer one for me one for him, was totally awesome, we finished up the evening with a buncha movies!

Saturday my father in law came by & brought me what his wife & him got me a cozy scarf, glove & hat set for the winter =) We visited for a little bit then after he left we went to Mama Robin's to bring by there Christmas gifts since hubby works on Christmas weekend then came home & relaxed with movies for the rest of the night & reading comics =)

Sunday ~ I Woke up & went to get my hair cut with Eric & his soon to be wifey Emily (Emily was the one getting her hair done with me lol) & had lunch @ Subway!

Then got home & got ready to head to my sister Maaleka's house, we got there we had pizza, drinks & cake but most of all more awesome company with family :) ♥ We chatted & ate & watched a movie it was awesome fun!

It was a awesome birthday weekend that started on Friday thanks so much ♥ I am so blessed & thankful to have so many wonderful family/friends in my life ♥ :)

Now we been running on maybe 2hrs sleep lol, we took a nap when we got home woke up hubbys back passed out on the couch, think Ill be kicking back in my chair and dozing off too still tired lol

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