Tuesday, December 20, 2011


A friend of mine posted on facebook this morning about how his life has been so far and his thoughts, and you know it inspired me to write my own, so here it is:

Personally my childhood was awesome when i lived with my grandparents I moved around so much after I left living with them, the crap I was moved though all those years made me strong and made me the person I am today along with my grandparents love & guidance and now life is great, I have a wonderful hubby who loves me and makes me his world as I do for him and I have my grandparents to thank for helping me become who I am & now they they passed my hubby & his family that keeps me going, as well as the thought of expanding our family & so much more, I mean we have our moments what couple doesn't, All I know my grandparents who I am proud to call my mom & dad are looking down on me proudly and this makes me even more happy ! =)

Our 7yr anniversary is coming up this new year with many more to follow & I have to say I am happy & excited all at the same time!

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