Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Updates, Part 1 !

Well this week been crazy first half (mon/tues/wed) hubby worked then was off yesterday and day before, we where pretty busy getting thing ready for the holidays & relaxing since I been sick with a cold/flu ~ Tho I did get my new lappytop! ~ Hubby had some PTO to use & they where letting them buy learning devices with it, which is nice, so I am very thankful & feel so blessed =) So now I can kick back on the couch and play WoW or write my cookbook or something instead of sitting at my desk which is nice with weeks like this when I am sick & hubby can read his comics on his lappy instead of sitting at his computer! =)

Well yesterday my brother in law Eric married his gf who is now his wife Emily! We went to lunch and had a grand old time, so big congratz to them! Hubby & I got the sign as the witness' so that's always fun too!

Other then that we had some new neighbors that moved in next door that is now getting to be good friends, they moved here from California! The wife is into all the samethings I am, painting, walking etc etc which is awesome! ~ We went for a walk tonight with her daughter since both our hubbys work and we both stay home we will be spending a lot of time together and the guys get along awesomely great also with things in common! ~ so thats another plus plus! ~ We will be having them over for dinner Monday night when hubby starts his 4 day off stretch! I am totally excited!

I have been so thankful & blessed for lots of things this year and I know hubby has too, now if we can just get pregnant that would be totally awesome exp since my new friend next door is in her beginning 2nd trimester for her pregnancy =)

Guess time will tell! =)

I hope everyones ready for the holidays!

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