Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Year Updates!

Well wanted to wish everyone and Happy New Years & Hope all is well with everyone, just a few updates of whats going on around this crazy part!

This year I will be on Blogger for 8yrs? wow! Time does go by =)

Hubby & I are getting rdy to celebrate our 7yr wedding anniversary next month for those of ya that are "waiting the curtain to fall" or thought "they are a lost cause" ya keep thinking that your loss really, reason we never keep in touch and your alone without friends um yep yep thats what happens when you talk shit about friends your not a true friend or family member and need to get over yourself

Anyhoo ;)

Life couldn't be better, sure I mentioned we had new neighbors buy the other half of our house, they are really nice and we love hanging out with them, Monday we are suppose to go over and relax by the fireplace with some wine or something really haven't set in stone what will be on the menu but we shall soon =)

Abby (lady next door) and I been doing zumba every chance we get, its pretty fun and I can't believe how much she can jump around being almost 5 months preggers =) She rocks it! Im so proud of her =)

I started some new art work for her kids room, her daughter will be 2 very soon and shes doing pooh in her kids room and she is a artist as well which i find exciting that we are into the samethings, the guys just work a lot but we manage, shes a housewife like me so it works out =)

We all just have much to be thankful for

I also got ninja blenders for Christmas which I been having fun experimenting with and back on track with losing weight, 55lbs is the goal this year to have a total loss of 170lbs, I gained 195lbs when I quit smoking 12yrs ago to this very month!

Hubby is coming up on his 3yr smoke free, im so proud of him, we made a pack that he quits i lose weight and we been rockin it, now if this year we can have a baby things will be more rockin!

I have my apt this week so we shall see how things go.

I am just overall happy & excited and things are pretty well going, we are thankful & blessed for a lot of things, we just thank god for providing us and blessing us with what we have and what he plans for the future =)

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