Sunday, January 15, 2012

Remember This When You & Your Loved One Is Trying To Have A Baby!

Smoking/Drinking - The party's over for your partner once you start trying for a baby, but what about you? Same goes for men, says Cole. Sperm is just as affected by tobacco, alcohol, and drugs as a woman's eggs. Research suggests that this troublesome trio may lower sperm counts and slow motility. That means you should completely cut out recreational drugs, such as marijuana and cocaine, cut down on alcohol, and quit smoking before you start trying. Plus, kicking the habit now can help your family later. Secondhand smoke is dangerous for your partner and your children, both in utero and after birth. Even the use of chewing tobacco has been linked to poor sperm function.

A lowered sperm count isn't the only reason you should lay off the bottle. Research shows that dads who drink the equivalent of two drinks a day during the month before conception have babies who weigh on average 6.5 ounces less than other babies. Low birth weight is a serious medical condition that can affect your child's health and behavior for the rest of his life.

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