Monday, July 09, 2012

Faith, Hope, Dreams & More!

I don't understand why some think I am getting my hopes up with the baby thing, its called have faith, hope for the best, dream big.

Just the way I was raised =)

My grandparents taught me a lot growing up even when I didn't listen some things set back in my mind really deep, I help friends with their kids when they ask I just don't go do it, tons of friends have been keeping hubby &  I in our thoughts &  prayers hoping and having faith we will become parents cause we deserve to be, we are wonderful with kids we are told & have it in us to be parents !

I don't need to say sorry that the small things in life make me happy, being able to stay home and take care of the house, do my paintings, garden work, spend time with family &  friends, online game, read comics, keeps me busy while hubby is at work, when hes home we do other stuff, I mean I am very thankful & blessed that I am able to do this & I thank god everyday & for the job he has provided hubby to make it happen if it wasn't for that I wouldn't of got on track with my losing weight and so much more, we are very thankful, Also I am not getting my hopes to high my mind is made if things don't happen there is a reason behind it. But til that happens we will try everything possible medical or not to make things happen =)

Til the day otherwise when doctors say, "We have done all we can"

Then we know &  there is other options out there like adoption, sure its expensive but is it for us, time will tell!

Til then I am going to continue to enjoy life, keep my faith, hope for the best and keep dreaming big, dreams can come true if you let them no matter what others say, what my grandparents (aka mom &  dad) shown me growing up just by how they lived =)

No matter what others think, believe think what you want, I really don't care, god has a plan and we are in it every single one of us !

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