Saturday, July 21, 2012

Online Gaming & Movies Today!

Okay I need to make a post here about online gaming and movies, I am SICK & TIRED of seeing posts go around blaming our online games and our movies to shootings and other problems in the world today, Im not trying to start fights or arguments but everyone is allowed there opinion here, so let me say this!

I have been playing online games since I was 18 (I am now 30), I wasn't allowed to play very many games growing up 1hr a night after homework was done because school always came first, and maybe its cause online games didn't get popular til after I graduated I was raised pretty sheltered from the outside world maybe it was also cause I had parents that where pretty abusive and locked me in a room 99% of my childhood because they thought thats how they should raise kids, only amazing part of my childhood was when I lived with my grandparents & my foster family, sometimes I wish that part of my life lasted longer, but you know what everything happens for a reason and it made the strong person I am today!

But from personal experiences knowing the people I know now a days that are my age, 5-8yrs younger and even those ppl I know that are 5-20 years older then me that play online games have pretty great heads on there shoulders, I mean I met my hubby on a online game though a friend who I met on a online game 8yrs ago him and I met we lived in 2 diff places on this planet, here we are 8yrs later and been married 7.5yrs and Ive met more amazing people both on and offline, its just the way life is now, you will always have a great ppl you meet or the ones that don't need help, I know many people online too I see that I don't talk to that are 20 or younger that its there life its all they do because they need that guidance, I believe parents should structure them and give them that guidance.

Ever since everyone wanted this and that in life 2 people need to be working because everyone wants the best of everything reason taxes and all this other crap in life has gone up in prices to the point MOST families have to have 2 people working, which I think if we went back to the way it was ages ago when one parent was home while the other works there would be a lot of guidance and structure for our children today. I also find there isn't enough good teachers in this world that actually care about kids its all about bumping them along anymore, we need more good people in this world that will teach our children right from wrong and we need the parents to do the same.

This is one reason after everything I been though when I have kids they are going to know the right and wrong and good and bad and real from fake, I just can't understand why everyone blames games and movies for all our problems they do have ratings on them for a reason! If you allow your child to play and watch these things thats YOU but be sure you EXPLAIN to them this is fake this is real. If you want to keep your kids from it til there old enough to understand EVEN BETTER! ~ So think before you start pointing fingers and turn it and point to YOURSELF, when your kids are old enough to do things on there own your voice becomes a opinion not you do this my way, cause you had that chance to raise them right when they where young, now that they are adults think about the things you SHOULD have done!

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