Friday, August 31, 2012

RIP - City of Heroes

I have to say, today is a sad day... you might think I am crazy for writing this but...... I just got news a long time online game I played over the last 8+yrs is being shut down.... City of Heroes..... it's sad.... I mean a lot has happened in that game over the last 8 years.... I met so many great friends 100s of them, I met hubby though my friend Samantha who I met in the game, I met a lot of my online friends even in real life.... it's more like family ... I am angry yet hurt yet very sad at the same time.... Ill be honest as much $$ as most of us have put in this game, someone should buy it and pick it up and keep it alive.... it would be a miracle! A lot of people don't realize the community's in MMO's... our guardian server was family, we where there for one another during hard times in life weather it be... death's in the family or the good times celebrating birth's in the family, birthdays, you name it everyone was there for one another.... This is sad... I am speechless and now i just wanna eat a bag of chips and say screw my diet, i know your probably thinking I am crazy for saying that but its just totally upsetting :( I will be posting a lot of photo's over the next month or so from game... so don't be surprised on the screen shots etc I hope I can also get in touch with many in game that are not on facebook and keep in touch with them all <3 It's like a family member has died... or as a friend of mine has said as he holds his daughter as she cries... shes played for 7yrs (all her life) 2 months for a family member to live... servers close Nov 30 2012....

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