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Please take the time to read this and pass it on, i know ive posted this else where but I am trying to get voice heard and if we can pass this around it would be great as online gamers I KNOW you would understand if a beloved game was ripped from you at no notice after putting almost 10 years of your life into it and the memories that follow with amazing family & friends, please help us spread the word, thank you

The game is City of Heroes

Some of you might think we are mad "its just a game" as some might say BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!

It's not JUST A GAME, its a online community that turned into a family over the last 8+yrs of the game for many of us, as a online gamer you understand that, you have a online family you might not see everyday but you talk with them weather it be typing or voice chat or phone, you have a family that sticks together like glue when someone passes away, gives birth to a new family member, has a member sick, online gamers know we all stick together and are close knitted, we are people too!

If it wasn't for City of Heroes and our family coming together I would of NEVER met my husband I am married to today almost 8years later and still going strong! I wouldn't trade this for the world! Almost as old as the game, so many great memories!

I met 100s of amazing friends/family on this game I wouldn't trade anything in the world for! Memories there too!

This family also stood by me when I lost my grandfather and grandmother when I was heart broken not to hear the news until the last minute thanks to my family not telling me til it was to late! My hubby, online family and in laws where there for me!

The game that has brought us all together is being shut down as of November 30th 2012, we are trying to prevent this from happening we are all in shock, we have members of our gaming family trying to find out how to buy IPs or whatever we need to do to keep the game running! A lot of members are offering donations, we need to get the word out though the media or whatever we can to make NCSOFT hear us!

Even if you don't play City of Heroes or never heard of it or not a online gamer and wish to help us, please pass the word !! We need all the help we can get, this has come to our family suddenly and any help making our word heard we all would be extremely greatful!!

Thank you!
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and many 100s more!
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Another memory from City of Heroes been posted... I remember this day so well, I sit here crying my friends Scott & Misty when they got married in game, such a wonderful memory of our Guardian family getting together for a special day <3 I was the maid of honor :)

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