Monday, April 08, 2013

Comicon 2013

This weekend was awesome,  10 of my friends and I cosplayed the fem doctors from doctor who ONE THOUGH ELEVEN!

How cool is that EH?!

What else was cool, gave Adam Baldwin a Jayne hat, yup in front of over 500 people, I made it myself and he was really excited and happy about it and he said it was "Beautiful & Amazing quality and thanks!" in the end he also gave me a BIG HUG, hes a great hugger ;)

Pretty awesome eh!?

Also got to meet George Takei AND Daphne Ashbrook, got to escort her to where us fem docs where to get photo's ... such a great awesome uber weekend!

We got to be on SyFy for a show they are doing on cosplay, we had a table and a panel I also spoke in with Josh Adams for doctor who, so much fun to be had this weekend, totally totally awesome, I leave you with a photo of the fem 11.......

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