Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Over 9 years ago I logged into City of Heroes ... I met so many great friends, friends that turned into family, one person I met who is now the love of my life and best friend, we celebrated 8 years of being married Feb 14th 2013, if it wasn't for coh none of this would of been possible, moving from one country to another 900 miles from where I used to live because I loved it so much here, Wish I could of shown our children the game that brought us together, But isn't it amazing what online gaming can do for people. It's not EVIL like a lot of people think, I may have over the years always played other MMORPGs but City of Heroes was always home, Guardian was home, I miss playing with you guys :( ~

First Duo hubby & I made together before many others, Natasha Snow & Captain Snow

 Another Duo - Sonica & Pinky

Another Cute Canadian & Capt. Freedom

Athena Storm

Cute Canadian

My main character when I started City Of Heroes 9 years ago
she started with the name 
Mistress Noire
Which then lead to the name change of
Doctor Noire

Gathered with Friends & Family on the night the servers where online one last time
No matter how many of us came and showed NCSoft the game was worth keeping online

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