Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Day Of The Doctor - in 3D!

Unfort hubby had to work
So I went with a group of friends from the local Whovian group I run
We now have almost 600 members
It's so awesome
Some of the gals in the group we have become really good friends
We get together for dinner parties and knit our 4th doctor scarves
Finish one seems we start another =P
Eat jelly babies and fish fingers and yes with the custard and make sonic screwdrivers
not just the OJ and vodka kind, i mean 10s sonic and 11s sonic etc
Hubby missed it on the big screen I feel so sad for him missing the screams from the popcorn
and well Matt's chin in 3D and gosh so much epic awesome stuff!
I wont give away spoilers but if you didn't go you totally missed out!
I dressed up as River since I didn't have my fem 4 gear on me
another friend dressed as 1, another as 10 and another as 11
Kinda funny now being in public most reckon 1 10 and I from our fem 11 doctor cosplay from comicon, they always ask when we are getting together again cause we are full of epic awesomeness (as someone said) lol ~ maybe comicon again this year but with it being 3 days now we wont be going all 3 as the doctor, others have other cosplay they wanna do, me included :)
Well time to get some things taken care of then back to making a bunch of hats got so many more to take care of before Christmas =)

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