Friday, November 22, 2013

Updates, More Updates!

So well another year is about to come to a close
My birthday is almost 2 weeks away
Thanksgiving is about a week away


I am already exhausted !

PLUS Hubby & I are coming up on 9 years this coming year with many more to come!
Plus we been talking about having a vow renewal in 2015 on our 10 year
Thinking of inving those that say, " we are such a lost cause " to shove it in their faces


sorry tired and hardly any sleep make me silly =P
I should go back to bed but I gotta clean before company comes tomorrow


just deal with my crazy rambles =P

Hubbys been working his new job, same kinda work just diff place for about just over a year now, hes loving it, which I am loving it for him loving it!

My work has been okay, its been doing it's job of helping me pay off my car, I bought my car in July when I started working and I am almost done paying it off! I should have it paid off just before my birthday! Which is a good thing cause I am so ready to come back home soon!

Which was / is the plan anyways

The adoption stuff is over with, now we wait......

and wait

wait some moar.....

hopefully it wont be to long, plus my new OB cause my other OB left and didnt' tell me *sad face* but *happy face* this one said shes willing to give me some fertility meds! YAY! ~ I just need to get my blood pressure down again (which would be faster if i go off my ass and continued my workouts, I KNOW!) and lose some more weight...

I gained 200lbs when I quit smoking back in 2000 when I graduated high school (almost 14 years smoke free now!) I lost over 150lbs in 2009-2010, but then we had a friend move back in with us and it was really discouraging having him here and hovering around a lot, plus his comment one day of "how can someone so little weigh so much"  I lost my drive and gained 50 back... so back on the wagon to get back to my goal

I need to do it for me but also for hubby & our future kids

hes gained some weight after he quit too but only 20-30lbs he actually needed some weight, when we got married he was around 160 i think... but hes not uber huge, hes like on the borderline of obese but we both been working on eating more healthy exp since we are doing this fit though the holidays program for his work where when we finish we get 100 points each which is like 100 bucks each cause it goes into our funds for the year coming up for insurance stuff

guess we will see where life takes us in 2014, either way we are both excited!

We have so many wonderful friends who we call family and family also
Hubbys brother and his wifey will be celebrating their 1 or is it two year anniversary next month... I can't remember, but its exciting to see our bro finally settle down =D

Anyways I better get some cleaning done =P

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