Saturday, February 23, 2008


Blarg! Is Right!
Well it's Saturday, It's 5 mins before noon.
I have to be to work in a hour.... >_<
I have thought of stepping down at work, this is getting to be to much for me, only reason I took this was for the extra moneys.
Hubby ask'd me why, I wanted to get a bit ahead, save moneys.
That didn't happen cause we both are spenders ^_^;;
I am going to "try" to hang on for a bit longer, at least until we get the bathroom redone and a few other things.
But.. I just can't really, I am so tired anymore I just wanna curl up and sleep for days on end. I am bringing my job home with me, working on my days off. I am not even getting 40hours a week... Working everyday puts stress like you wouldn't believe, not just on me but hubby too cause hes gotta wake up and drive me or pick me up from work, when he should be sleeping for work.... Ive tired to study for my licence when I have time. That don't happen cause I am to tired and it hurts to think >_<
Plus I still been having my moments about Grandpa, I miss him so much :(
I talk to Grandma alot but it's just not the same as being close to her being able to give her a hug everyday.
She tells me last night that she was feeling down because she misses having Grandpa around and that she knows hes in a better place now and hes happy unlike being seperated and not in the same room as her in the nursing home.
I sit here and look at there picture on my desk of how happy they are/where.
They have always been like a mom & dad to me ever since I was born, those memories where the best ones of my childhood and ones I wont forget, I can't wait until the summer when I go back and see Grandma again.
I wish it was June, cause thats when Neut & Toonies are coming to visit me!
I wish it where July so I can go back home to visit Grandma!
I wish it where a day off with hubby so we can hang out & play D&D!
I wish I could make the same amount of moneys I am now without working as much as I do, lol.
Anyways I gotta go get rdy, 10 hours await me at the store >_<
Then I come home, and head back at 6am...
I just hope I can sleep tonight when I get home.

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