Saturday, February 02, 2008

It's The Month Of Love!

Haha, so its the beginning of Feb already.
Nothing new and exciting going on besides work work work and getting ready for my 3 year wedding anniversay.
I have 2 of my best friends coming for a visit in June, I keep asking myself IS IT JUNE YET? LOL!
I so can't wait its gonna be alot of fun!
I wish it was cause I can so use a vacation right now.
Plus it will be time for them to come on over and then being able to go visit my Grandma too, I miss her alot :(
Well I think I have done enough puttzin around the interwebs, time to play some City Of Heroes, Speaking of City Of Heroes my Villain Mistress Ivorie, Mistress Noire's Nemesis hit the big level 5_0 last nite!
Now who to work on next...
I dunno, time to go find out :)

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