Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tired, Tired.. of all the BullShit

Well one of the reason of bad news, tired.
I had D&D last nite things where great, cept @ 9am I was to have a conference call for work, yeah on my day off go figure!
Turns out it started @ 8am, the person that gave me the time, gave me the wrong one, so I went to bed a few hours earily for no reason... that makes me so mad, I have to go to bed earily on my night off .. on game night cause I have to take a conference call which DID take place but I was given the WRONG TIME!
That is just the start of it....
To top it off work calls me 3 times last night while I am nappin to ask if I can continue to work on my DAY OFF!
You heard me, my day off, which I am already working with a conference call... yeah riiiiiiiiight...
Because they think I know more about the project, the papers are easy to read, ive done one by myself with 3 ppl before, are they to lazy? must be!
Then to top it off ... Oh don't forget we have a managers conference call Tuesday night @ 4pm you can call the store since its ur day off and u will be at home.... >_>''
*falls outta my chair*
uh ya ok, duh what day off?
My only day off where ur not calling me 3 times after i run errends all day and "try" to enjoy a day/night off with my husband or my day off where I don't sleep and I gotta do calls and everything else I am doing and trying to be a wife!?
Tonight I also have a meeting with my father in law, they redid the piping a couple weeks back all though our house, now because we have 2 big holes in our bathroom walls another project on the go.
So for me wanting to get my characters drawn by DirtWolf need to be put on hold... after I looked at my savings which are mostly gone now... because of the trip back home to Canada for grandpa's funeral, and these projects that can't wait ... its gonna have to wait :(
I don't mind that moneys is gone cause of the canada trip that was understandable but more on top of it... ick!
/end rant

Sorry folks but its just been one of those days as it has been for awhile, ive been trying to be as calm as i could be but I had to let that out lol, thanks for reading/listening and hopefully things calm down soon... It's 4:05pm cst.. I better get on this call for work *sigh*

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