Saturday, November 01, 2008


Ya I know I'm late, its cause I was having a hella lotta fun last night, Mandy and Forrest came over and we made food and watch'd scary movies and took pics!

Unfort hubby got talk'd into a odd shift, but his original shift was taken care of so that was good but suck'd cause he was so tired since he didn't get alot of sleep, so he is prolly gonna sleep all day right until hes gotta go to work, which is okay he needs his rest.

He got me 3 really long'd stem'd flowers last night, can't think of the name of them trying to find em online but no luck yet. He got em just cause, hes so sweet and I love him so much.

Other then that not much else, getting ready for D&D day Monday and more working out at the gym, then Tuesday for our dinner and movie time with cuddles =P

Time to do some housework then play City Of Heroes :)

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