Friday, November 07, 2008

Please Keep Your Promises Mr Obama!


Major economic proposals President-elect Obama discussed Friday to aid recovery from the nation's economic distress:

_Swift passage by Congress of a new fiscal stimulus bill either before or soon after he takes office in January.

_Immediate extension of unemployment benefits for those who can't find work.

_A rescue plan for the middle class that invests in immediate efforts to create jobs and provides relief to families watching paychecks shrink and life savings disappear.

_Efforts to address the spreading impact of the financial crisis on other sectors of the economy, including small businesses struggling to meet payroll and finance holiday inventories and state and municipal governments facing budget cuts and tax increases.

_Aid for the struggling auto industry and related businesses such as auto suppliers, which face severe hardships.

_Review the implementation of the $700 billion financial rescue plan to ensure it is achieving its central goal of stabilizing financial markets while protecting taxpayers, helping homeowners and not unduly rewarding the management of the financial firms receiving government assistance.

_A set of energy, health care, education and tax relief policies designed to grow the middle class and revive the economy.

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