Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Can You Say Holy Crap!

Can't wait til we get our new house so hubby can start gaming with me again!!
Looks like they are doing all out with this game in months/years to come, looks like by just the vid ~ Lvl cap is going up, new powers, housing - making your own town? O_O! What it looks like!, Underwater swimming & cities, mounts OMFG of awesomeness =] YOU MUST WATCH IT! *goes back to watching it* =]

OH I ALSO LOVE THE NEW AVG ~ It tells me when people put USBs or Data Drives into my pc when I am not around & scans them fully & tells me what's on them & what time it was put in, I LOVE TECH! <3 Cause I noticed @ 2am Sunday morning one was put in my computer someone is gonna get in trouble! D:<

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