Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tired, Stressed.... Sick.....

Well this past weekend was fun, hubby and I spent alot of time watching movies & Farscape. Went to a comicbook convention Sunday, but the guy that sold us a comic cough'd & sneezed all over us then finally covers his mouth & says sorry. UGH! GROSS!

Now hubby and I are both sick, tired, and stressed cause we have alot to do on the house before spring, I know this cause his dad tells me everytime I see him which is like everyday & getting very stressful.

"You guys need to finish getting things done, getting rid of the junk you don't use and packing up what you wont use til you move"

and I tell him the samething everytime.....

"Yes I know Dad, I wanna get things done on Joel's days off cause it's easier having 2 instead of one person but it's hard to get things going"

I mean sometimes I have plans to get all this stuff done but when I see hubbys tired and wants to relax, I don't say anything ... why because he works all the time and deserves that time to stand still for a bit. I know his dad is wanting rush rush rush and get everything in motion but thing is, I don't even know if hubbys ready to get a new house & have kids sometimes, he says he is but actions speak louder then words. Some days hes great and things are going well other days he acts like a child himself getting pissed off over little shit, I think it could be all the stress from his dad, work etc etc, dunno. I seriously don't know if he is stressed at work or if he can handle his new job, I have no clue what's going on cause he never talks to me about it, everytime I ask how things are going I get the thumbs up but somedays I wonder....

Well today is free food day @ applebees for vets, wonder if we are going to go or not, suppose to have a double date with our new friends Joni (who did my hair for Forrest & Mandy's wedding) and her hubby Lamot (that works with hubby). They are really fun people to be around, we go over and play rock band, watch football and just chat up and storm and hear funny shit that goes on at there work. Which is people I like to be around.

Bruce is quitting drinking, Eric is quitting drinking alot of people I know are quitting smoking/drinking which is great. People hubby and I enjoy being around =]

So just have to see how the rest of today goes, hope hubby gets back soon, I am getting worried.

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