Friday, November 20, 2009

Things/People We Are Thankful For in 2009

I mentioned as many as I could, those who I forgot I am sorry!! But id be here all day if I listed EVERYONE!! =] ~ I have to be honest so many things, just thanks from my heart, We are truly blessed and truly blessed for all our friendships and so much, thank you! =]

Awesome & Wonderful Husband & Wonderful Family Who I Love Very Much!

In laws/Parents for helping us as they do every year but this year has been crazy,thanks!

My Grandparents always being there for us when we need to talk or advice, now that you both are gone it's been tough getting though each day without you guys but we know your happy and together again, seeing your marriage last for 65+ years gives us hope.

Wonderful Friends

- Forrest & Mandy - Congratz on your wedding, we love you guys, thanks for being there always!

- William - RIP Brother we loved you very much, so sad to see you go at such a young age, still breaks our heart to this day.

- Joni & Lamont - Only have known you guys for a short time but you have been wonderful friends, Lamont Thanks for keeping a eye on hubbys back @ work!

- Bruce - We love ya bro, always giving great advice & funny jokes to make us smile

- Roman - Always knowing how to make us laugh, known you for a short time as well but you have been wonderful. Thanks for keeping a eye on hubbys back @ work!

- Weight Loss Friends - thanks for being awesome friends, motivators & being there when I have questions!

- Amy & Ms Gloria - Thanks for advice & great company when we go out & do our girly thing!

- Sean & Becca - Thanks for being great friends also, always know how to make us laugh & cheer us up when we need it!

- Dominique - My little sis, I love you & so happy for you!! ~ Baby on the way & getting married xoxo, thanks for everything too!

- Vince & Kim - Thanks for being so great also, making us smile & being there always we love you guys!

- Online gaming friends - You guys always know how to make us laugh & bring a smile to our face, one day we will meet face to face, til then you make the online gaming exp awesome!

& So many more of you!

- Our Beautiful Home that we been working on to sell for a bigger one, thanks to my family for helping us!

- My husbands awesome new job & medical

- Our Health

- Being able to get our second car *almost* back on the road (still in the shop)

- Learning how to drive & getting my license *SOON*™

- Losing almost 50lbs & 15 inches!

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