Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friends Forever !

Yesterday was my hubby's Grandma's funeral. It was hard for everyone this past week. I learned a lot about this side of our family over the past few days I never knew. They always have been amazing. My husband has 2 of his best friends Forrest & Vince, they been friends since they where 6 or so years old, coming up on 30 years of being friends and I know there friendships are going to continue cause they are open, honest, trusting and so many more things, when they get together and talk about things they used to do & get in trouble with growing up, it's so funny to sit and listen to the stories.

Just amazes me how much time flies when you got amazing friends. I mean just last month when hubby & I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, we where like Dang where did time go? ~ All the kids running around that we met 5 years ago are now all grown up quite a few are graduated from high school or grade school it's like ....... WE ARE GETTING OLD! LOL!

Well I am finally down 63lbs last I checked I went from 255lbs last March 26/09 now to a 192lb mark, went from 51" in the waist now down to a 35.5" waist.

July is coming soon & I want to have these last 42lbs GONE! ~ That way fingers crossed all will go well with final testing at the OBGYN then fingers crossed hubby & I can start our family! ~ The kitchen is almost done now with renovations then its just the basement left and odds and ends like the driveway another coat of stain on the deck and few more ends and odds then should be good to go come may/June to SELL!

We really want/need a bigger house sooner rather than later :)

I hope everyone's have a great day!

All we have to say we thank you to friends family and the man & women upstairs that have always been here for us & kept in touch over the years, We are very thxful and blessed I am very thankful to have such a wonderful husband, family, and friends :)

True friends always keep in touch even though we might not see one another as much exp when people get married. But when something happens we are always there for one another. True friends don't talk shit behind one an others backs when there backs are turned or write something about them or there wife or husband or anything period behind there back, those friends are not friends they need to be kicked far out & never return, I know with us and those around us, don't like people like that and we don't need them in our lives, reason we hardly see those people. We have kicked all the ones we know out and I am sure there is more to follow soon.

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