Friday, March 26, 2010


One Year Ago I started getting back on track with my weight loss, Over 10 years ago when I graduated high school I vowed to quit smoking & I did but gained over 100lbs in the process, March 26th/09 I started my journey @ 255lbs & 51" in the waist today I am down to 190lbs & 34.5" in my waist, that's 65lbs lost & 16.5" YAY! 40lbs left to my goal of 150lbs by mid summer. That's when I go back to my OBGYN to be sure all is well if so time to start a family with my wonderful Hubby!

I thank my amazing wonderful hubby! I LOVE YOU HUNNY! Our amazing family & friends that have been here pushing me along, I couldn't of done it without any of you, you have been my PUSH your love and support from all of you has helped wonders, even when we ran into some snags with my HPV diagnoses and you guys have always stayed by us, so my hubby, friends, family all of you that have been here for us, WE LOVE YOU ! = ) Here is a vid I made below, can you tell I am excited ; )

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