Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shutup & Sweat & LOVE IT!

Yay, I have to say I always been very happy with my life in the last 5 years, I have the most awesome supportive hubby ever, my weight loss journey finally started March 26/09, I got off my arse and did something about it. I never used to be over weight til I quit smoking almost 11 years ago, then I gained over 100lbs, Hubby has been smoke free for almost a year, YAY HIM! ~ He has only gained maybe 30lbs I wanna say, but he has been 100% better about it then I was, hes got the tools I never knew about Vitamin C the best friend of quitters (quitters in a good way). I used fast food and junk food for my quitting smoking and thing is I hung around people who where already over weight so I never thought anything of it, u know?

Well the main thing is we are on track, hubby and I made a promise to one another to get rid of the bad habits in our lives before we bring little ones into this world, he made the promise to quit smoking if I lost the weight and visa versa and you know, it works! :)

Support from your loved one always helps and it's been working for us & we are even more happy now, we just celebrated 5 years on Feb 14/2010 and we couldn't ask for more, for all of those people who thought or still think we are a lost cause you know where you can take it cause we don't care about anything you say or much of them people anyways really, They're just jealous as hubby would say, and I agree 150504% and then some, lol. :)

I have not weigh'd myself in a couple weeks because I am waiting til the one year mark on March 26/2010... and you know last time I weigh'd myself I was down 63lbs and 15" on my waist ....

One more test in July & it's not far away now! ~ All goes well could be family time for us!


So if your serious about losing weight, quit your crying and tell yourself I am going to shutup now and SWEAT! Cause I LOVE IT! ~ You will feel better too promise! ; )

Now back to getting my quitting smoking weight off, and for good and back to my fit hyper self I was 10 years ago! I wont be going back to 110lbs like back then but I will be 150 or less! That's the plan!

I like to thank my wonderful supportive loving hubby, my wonderful friends & family who been here for us and exp though the tough times when I was in a constant worry when I got diagnosed with HPV, the tests came back good to go in January but my OBGYN wants to be sure so that's the one more test in July & if all goes well and I get to my weight loss goal I want, FAMILY TIME! : )

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