Thursday, May 06, 2010


Life is what you make of it, no one told you growing up it would be easy, life always has it's up & downs but one thing we can do is take the drivers seat, work our ass off & enjoy what life gives us & one day things will calm down & you will have more time to enjoy the bigger & better things of life that worked so hard for, the tears, blood & sweat will all be worth it in the end, if you have your soul mate next to you & your love is strong enough you will & can make it though anything, I believe everyone has there mate some where they just need to find them or they will find you, just take day by day & don't' rush things, things always come together in time just takes determination & work, but again it will be worth it, we work & make our plans but god always has a bigger plan he will take care of us always, just enjoy what you have and life will unfold slow but sure. ~ I was just thinking of this today something I came up with, I prolly rambled a bit but it does make sense don't it? Have a great day everyone, time for Hubby & I to get the deck stained, basement cleaned and stuff out for big item pickup! ~ Any takers to help us shovel 18 tons of rock next weekend? Have a great day everyone! It's almost FRIDAY! =P

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