Friday, May 28, 2010

Updates, Rules & Happy Test!

WELL 14 MONTHS GONE & 71lbs also! YAY!
34lbs left to my goal of 150!

Other then that I been thinking of some rules that strongly need to be in forced in my house due to people not being able to control themselves I am sick of also having things in my house I can't eat or drink because of my diet/meds I am on! I wont be on these meds forever mind you but still I wish some would have some respect for what I can and can't have!

1. AS OF JUNE 1st! ~ No alcohol ~ PERIOD NONE! ~ I can't drink the stuff some friends of ours don't want the stuff but yet people still bring it and buy it, waste of money and empty calories, Ill let it slide this weekend cause of the hard work we are doing with shoveling gravel but hubby knows 6 pack that's it! ~ Cause we do have family members that don't want to drink anymore and are really happy they stopped drinking but feel the need to drink when hubby brings it around so it don't go to waste and they don't want it they just don't say anything!

2. Shoes come off at the door ~ Seriously we just got all new floors and they are a BITCH to clean! ~ The house is going up for sale soon and its time to say HEY BACK OFF SHOES OFF! ~ I WILL NOT CLEAN THEM!

3. Junk food ~ No more enough is enough! Diet pop is okay and pop well is fine we don't have it often, only time junk food can come into the house now is on special occasions =)

4. Healthy food only ~ Don't like what I make/eat then starve =P

***Ill fill this in more as I think of them, what I can think of now***

Did a Oprah Happy test today to see how I did.....

Your score is: 94

If you scored 80 to 100 points: Call to joy
Inside each of us is a call to joy. The more you answer this call, the more you discover the truth of who you are, what is important and what your life is for. By following your joy, you experience the fullness of your being and you discover a depth of creativity and talent that inspires the world. People who follow their joy are the renaissance workers who evolve the consciousness of humanity. It's time to answer the call!

Test here:

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