Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Updates, Weigh In.... Stuff!

Hubby & I !

I have to say I am pretty happy I never been this happy well since.... I lived with my Grandparents when I was a kid? Though this week was/is/has been a sad week for me, still kinda is. Sunday was Grandma's Birthday, this Sunday is Mother's Day, Grandpa's birthday was last month and Father's day is coming up, first year for me without Grandma, going on a couple years now without Grandpa, it's been pretty hard.

Hubby has been doing well & very happy too, his job is going well & knock on wood it continues, hes only had to work 2 days this week which helps a lot getting last min stuff done for the house stuff. He's been very supportive with a lot of things & I been returning the favor of course, we love one another very much & are continuing to look forward to our long long lives together! We are truly blessed & thankful everyday! =)

Saving Moneyz... kinda

Plus side I finally got some bills lowered which was good, called up & made some adjustments for example got the free long distance to Canada taken off, no point using that now that Grandpa & Grandma are no longer with us, I really have no reason to call Canada & now I am saving $6 a month. Among the long distance unlimited in the US which I use on & off to friends Ive met online though games or facebook that got lowered. So I saved almost $25/mo just on my phone bill, got others reduced as well. So it all works out which is nice.


We are on the final projects kitchen floor is being redone this weekend, sink might be too! ~ Next weekend we are getting the fresh gravel put down, basement is almost done, big pickup is coming soon need to throw more crap away and pack up some more stuff. We are pretty much good to go really, oh and the deck which needs to be re-stained which will be taken care of shortly too, then we are going to see about the driveway what the house seller lady says.
Other then that we are ready to sell & move closer to Family & Friends we enjoy being around, to be honest Ive seen some awesome deals out by Vince & Kimmy & everyone out that way.

Sure we could move to another state that's close by but why ? We work here so why move to another state and pay 2 taxes =P

I seen a 4 bed 2 bath for 79,000 I seen a 3 bed 1.5 bath for 69,900 & it's all new & redone I was drooling cause these 2 houses the kitchens are like HUGE I mean I could fit my kitchen & living room in it now 2x !! Kitchen will sell me cause that is my domain =)

Weight loss news!

Well I joined a site called Calorie Count on Jan 8Th 2010, since then I managed to lose 23lbs, for a total of 67lbs since March 26/09. I also lost a total of 18" in my waist!

Though I have to say I was disappointed by my loss for April, I lost 1 ..... 1 stinking lb! Which upsets me a lot. I spent a lot of time on home renovation stuff, cleaning, cooking, baking and taking care of other things didn't get much workout time in as I wanted, end of the month though started to pick up pace & was working out 2-3hrs/day but I was over doing it I don't think I was giving my body enough time to recover/catch up. But I was doing a lot of body band/strength training as well so could by why so little on loss, cause I did lose another 1.5" in my waist =)

So all in all in the last 13 months Ive gone from 255lbs to 188lbs & 51" waist to a 33" waist, though that's a good thing, I only have 38lbs left before I hit 150 which I am hoping by summer! ~ I gained over 100lbs when I quit smoking so I wasn't my skinny mini I was when I graduated high school, but getting back on track is the main thing!

I also started a weight loss page on facebook & in just almost 9 weeks we have over 260 amazing members!

Doctor's notes

I made my next 2 apps for this summer my doctor & my OBGYN, gotta get a few final tests done to be sure all is okay, if so could be family time for hubby & I just hoping I am close, at or under my goal weight of 150lbs by then, so that way I can maintain & try & lose more or whatever while trying for a family


Finally got my drivers license took me 2 tries but I DID IT! ~ I kept my permit for 2 years and practiced, First time I didn't even practice parallel parking just went in and boom did it, my turns where to wide, screwed up the parking on a hill (there was no curb there and I went right on a hill up, which is right but she said no...) and P-Parking but second time everything was perfect only thing turn signal when P-Parking oops other than that I would of had a perfect score, but that's fine cause I had the same tester as last time which made it easier which made it A LOT easier really, we just talked the whole time she knew what I needed to work on =) But yes I haz license nao!


We have a awesome supportive family & friends need I say more thanks to all who been here for us always no matter what & not talk shit ; )

Mushy Stuff

We are just happy & worked very hard to get where we are at sure we had issues though the ways but we got though it & are very happy where we are now & happiness continues to grow each day we just enjoy one an others company & spending time together and with those folks that mean a lot to us & that are important to us as friends & family.

My best friend has asked me to be her maid of honor which hubby & I will travel to Canada for next fall =)

There are those that think "lost cause" "We wont make it" blah blah blah guess what you wonder why we don't plan a drive to visit you or call.... it's cause we can't stand the words you say or write. To us your not our friends/family anymore cause if you where friends/family you wouldn't say those kinda things. So til the day you all know when to grow up you wont see us well if ever we decide to see you all again or bring our future kids around if we decide too. Your not worth it to us. We will remain where we are most happy & loved. =)

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