Saturday, June 26, 2010

Gone For 1.5 days = TONS OF FUN & NO STRESS!

Okay well maybe a little stress lol

My friends called to let me know the pc was acting up again they got attacked by some Malware UGH! ~ So frustrating when pc issues come about but me? I don't mind going to fix it though it was tons of fun fixing it and while the pc was updating/scanning I was hanging out with the kids & my 2 friends.

Hubby had his bro here so all was good he had company, Friday (yesterday) I stayed to hang out with Yoey since she was off work, Thursday was when I went over to work on the pc well same with friday but I got some hang out time with my friends as well =)

Either way it was tons of fun, yesterday morning I woke up after dozing off at 5am and just went to making the kids breakfast before school dunno why I just boom done it was habit since my friend was getting rdy for work and others where still sleeping, then after they left I sat with my friend Yoey chatting and watching a movie in her room after she got up. Then we got up & got some of her errands done then I took a nap til the kids got home, fixed the pc some more and watched a movie & hung out with the kids some more =)

Either way it was nice to get away, I could of stayed longer today but I knew I had to get some stuff done here myself, came home to dishes in the sink, bathroom, floors eventually when people QUIT WALKING ON IT WITH THERE DANG SHOES! ~ Laundry as soon as the washer is free and some little odds and ends I need to do. ~ I also got errands done Target, Big Lots and Food shopping. It was nice to go solo and do that stuff went tons faster then usual. Steak was on sale got some of that for dinner, its to hot to grill might just pan fry it.

Well I am hoping hubby's attitude is better, so far meh meh but better improve or ill go back to working on the pcs. My head is killing me =(

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