Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well last few days I had a blast, went to some friends house to help them with a few things and fix there computer, so fun to the pc isn't fixed YET lol to much wrong with it but ill get it going soon I hope! I have another to fix too, well 2 lol! ~ Also went hiking with there kids and just so much fun! I mean totally tons of fun! After being gone for a few days I came home decided what the heck weigh myself, I lost 4lbs in like 3 days or less, i was like HOLY CRAP! I can tell my stress level here with home renovations & such been effecting my stress level exp now that I weighed myself last night and in 1-2 days I gained the weight back! UGH! SO MAD!

Id love to get away for a few days again be so much fun! ~ My friends son asked me if I was gonna go to NY with them in July Id love to but hubby said no, Id love to get away for a few more days & go have fun see places I never been! I bet Id be under 180 when I get back lol, but unfort I can't go and Ive never been to NY So thus I am sad & jealous cause I really wanna go Ive always wanted to go to NY! *sigh* maybe some other time. Tho I know we where talking about making a trip to Canada once they got there passports so I dunno, but I really wanna go to NY!! LOL Seriously I wanna get away from the crazy house selling crap !! Exp today since the lady is coming today to tell us what to sell for. *sigh* Is it over yet? House sold yet? Vacation time yet? *sniff* I just wanna go *kicks dirt* I been so stressed I haven't been able to sleep let alone anything else to much going on, can I go & get away for a bit please? *sniff*


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