Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ding x2 !!

Cute Canadian Hit's Level 50!

Last night, Pepsiman's alt Tonkatsu and my alt/other namesake Cute Canadian Hit the big 50! In City Of Heroes... This will make 5 for both of us, and yes Cute is standing in a pile of shit of Rikti!

This is the second time this happened for Pepsi and I, dinging at 50 pretty close together, not far behind is Annon (played by Onuris) and Lesie (played by Yoshi) If they are around today at some point we will get them there 50s!

My 50s in order:

Mistress Noire - Empathy/Radiation - Defender
Athena Storm - Rock/Storm - Controller
Sonica - Sonic/Devices - Blaster
Mistress Ivorie - Radiation/Thermal Radiation - Corrupter
Cute Canadian - Katana/Regen - Scrapper

Now cause I got Noire & her nemesis to 50 (Ivorie) I am wondering if I should get Athena's nemesis to 50 next (ele/ele brute) Isadora Storm OR Cute Canadian's nemesis (mind/fire) Corrupted Canadian... or if i should just play Lady Leather hubby's toons Bandette's nemesis... choices choices :p

Well time to log in and decide while I check out the Gurps book I have here :)

Thanks again to everyone that helped! It was alot of fun!

Team Cookie FTW!

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