Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ramblings Of A Tired Women

Okay, I know it may seem silly after I just had 2 days off but....
I am tired, I know stayin up late is one reason I am tired, I don't care though it was worth it, spendin time with hubby is always worth it :)
Though work sucks, I am almost ready to give in my notice now to say, " You know what, screw you I am steppin down"
This week wasn't bad though... off Sun/Tues/Wed/Fri but after that I work from Saturday to Saturday no day off... I am just hoping it's one week but dang >_<
Figures hubby works over time this week and next week I have hours out the ass that means all the stuff we needed to get done has to wait another freaken week...
I am just wanting to say forget it and go back to part time 3-10 or so hrs a week, and get things together at home, I miss being at home :(
There is so many things that need to be done around here
I am trying to hang on to this position though until September before I say screw it, but things keep changing everyday and it blows.
Anyways I better get dressed for work ....
I am tryin to hang in there I really am!
Somedays I just wanna curl up under my blankets and not come out, stress of work and hubbys dad always getting on me about stuff around the house remodeling etc .... its making me nuts... or when you getting ur licence! something I needed to do this week so I could use it towards my passport I now can't CAUSE I GOTTA WORK ALL FREAKEN WEEK!

I am really starting to hate this manager shit, they need to hire the 4th manager soon or im gonna quit then they will be stuck with 2! I hate hearing oh soon!

yeah right, the other 2 managers don't have much to with the parts of the store they deal with, brand is huge! thats why they have 2 ppl on it, in the last few months it's been just me.... HIRE A NEW MANAGER ! >:/

OK I'm done rambling.. I am half asleep and half pissed off...
I better go get rdy for work now....


PS.. on a plus side, I'm losing weight and today I tried smoothie king for the first time, not bad, spending time with hubby is awesome, I been in CoH maybe 2x in the last week.. life outside of work is awesome, I keep asking myself if it's June yet, cause that's when Neut and Toonies are coming, that means closer to seeing grandma! and comicon is next weekend! blah screw it, ill write more plus' later .... if not ill be late, lol. :)

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